When it’s too hot to wear pants…WEAR SHORTS

Ch-Ch-Chorres Even with Summer on the way out, it doesn’t mean the gams can’t withstand the sunny-eyed rays evoking Autumn temperatures. Autumn in San Diego can have its ch-ch-chorres also. When the weekend comes, it’s time to salute your shorts. Weekends Bring High Waist Shorts Opps When the weekend comes, oh yah (in Pauly D […] Read more…


Like a Crop Top Wearing Virgin: Exposing Belly for the Very First Time

Listen Lil’ Jon, in some cases, Turning Down is Necessary The tanchi persists on wearing a crop top, so let’s carry on with an “intermediate crop top.” So listen Lil’ Jon, we’re going to have a momentary “turn down” for feigned thoughts of indifference, and turn up the crop top wearing to a belly button […] Read more…

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