A Tale of Two Wedges in PB

They say there are no mistakes in my life, only lessons learned, but after wearing wedges in Pacific Beach (PB) one night – I beg to differ. There IS such a thing as a mistake.

Burrito Brodeo
In the land of PB is Garnet Street’s brodeo where the bros transform into what comedian, Brady Matthews, calls the ‘Walking Dead,’ roaming like blackout artists who hold burritos in hand. Chanclas prevail for guys and girls here. Casual is the attire of choice: shorts, jeans, trucker hats, flannel shirts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are PB outing essentials.

Thou Shall Not Wear Wedges in PB
Think flip-flops, converse, TOMS, or other casual flat bottoms. My first night out in PB, I brought out the LA-ista in me and wore a pair of black summer wedges. This course of action made me quite the popular one. Let me begin by saying that it’s flattering when someone takes notice and does a little flirting with you. It’s different in PB though, and the wedges made me an easy target in the sea of zombified bros. I did get a free Cali-burrito out of it, but lesson learned: when PBing, there are dress code consequences.


What to Wear to PB
PB is a favorite scene for watching the games. This March Madness, we dabbled into mayhem at PB Shore Club. We got into the bracket mania with fellow sports enthusiasts and I, of course, pretended I knew what was going on with basketball 411.

Neonified for PB
Dressing down for PB can still let a “basketball know-it-all” be at her style best. There is something about PB that puts me in a neon-wearing mood. I wore a pair of Guess brand pink neon flip-flops, purchased at Ross, and curated a neonified PB friendly and stylish outfit the tanchi way.


Neon is Fun and it Can be Chic
As much as I love a good neon tank top with block printed “I LOVE SAN DIEGO,” I went for a more downtown-meets-PB kind of look. My obsession with white shirts led me to lulus V-sionary Ivory Top (Size M), a lightweight silky material that is (you guessed it) oh so panza friendly! The flow makes for a comfortable fit, and the sheer lets my Charlotte Russe neon yellow bandeau make a fun statement.


Put the Cheeks Away
With a neutral top, these neon orange “hi–rise cheeky” shorts from Charlotte Russe are a choice pairing. The color is fantastic and the tears and shreds to the denim give it a little edge. I’m not a fan of showing my “cheeks” so I sized up to a 10, giving more length while still having the high-waist factor (and some extra panza room).

What to Accessorize for PB wear (If Any)
Less is More. No need to bring out the statement jewelry or even do your hair for that matter. I tossed my pony with a hair tie courtesy of Bel Fiore, and grabbed my oversized sunnies from Sunglass Warehouse. Since showing off the leg, I clasped a thin gold anklet and added a delicate touch to the exposed v-neck area with an opal, gold stringed necklace. The arm candy consists of my handy dandy white Nixon Lodown Watch, giving me up to date wave reports, and a Charming Charlie bracelet with more gold for layers. Last but not least, the ear swag which are actually two different earrings. I had these lovely fun pink neon studs from Express, but lost of one of them. So I decided to make a fashion statement with a substitution for a clear rhinestone to match the outer rim of the stud.


Wedges Out, Chanclas In
There you have it. As the tanchi who cares for you, if new to the Garnet scene, I must insist you to leave your wedges at home. Enjoy the scene and stampede along with the fellow flip-flopping, burrito indulging PBers. Rage on, Bracket On, Neon On, and Chancla On.



Thanks Bianca for the photos!

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