The Friggin Crop Top Fad

It is, No Doubt, Crop Tops are Here to Stay
Sometime last year, crop tops began to pop up here and there. I thought, ‘this won’t last.’ So I thought I’d wait it out and use this ample opportunity to save some would-be shopping money. This fad too, shall pass.

Not Everything Passes Though
Here we are, Summer of 2014, and not only are crop tops everywhere, they’ve also gotten cuter. Looking around, the clubs and the beaches are living runways filled with crop tops worn by girls and their awesome abs. Oh how I’ve wanted to be one of those girls, and I know I’m not alone in this fantasy.

The Panza Conundrum
Participating in this trend would turn out to be work, particularly the mental kind. Before wearing my first crop top, I had to search high and far for one with adequate coverage. Taking baby steps when it comes to exposure since having a panza, belly buttons and more will unveil. And secondly, perhaps the hardest was getting over all the mental discomfort because let’s face it, tanchis with panzas aren’t exactly the traditional body type rocking this trend. I don’t think I’ve ever come across so much going back and forth with a fashion trend. It presented questions like, “Will look I fat?”, “Can I pull it off?” Yada yada, you know all those girl questions we often unnecessarily ask ourselves.


The Panza Bearing Tanchi’s Guide to Wearing a Crop Top
Thing is, not taking risk, like with anything in life, wasn’t an option. To some it may seem superficial to put so much importance and effort to merely wearing a fashion trend, but ask many females, the crop top is an intimidating garment. Especially if you have a panza.


Beginner’s Crop Top
There’s no need to miss out on this trend though because the crop top has evolved from the $7.99 Charlotte Russe rack. This style undoubtedly makes the wrong kind of fashion statement for a tanchi with panza. However, now on my third crop top purchase, I started with a ‘Chart Cropping Ivory Crop Top’ from Lulus as a “beginner’s crop top.” At first glance, I knew the length would most likely be longer on a petite frame, and the boxy, straight cut of the bodice would give the panza breathing room. Coverage was resolved and non-trashy factor was avoided.


Now, Let’s Talk Feelings
When first wearing this crop top, I did a little test drive with it to a nightclub wearing a high-waisted black skirt and some Kix’ies thigh highs underneath. What resulted was a great night out with many compliments on my outfit. And so, I continued to style and outfit the crop top. Before you know it, I had this crop top thing down.


Styling a Crop Top
Crop tops are optimal when paired with anything high-waisted. With this one, I wore a high-waisted printed skirt from C.Wonder snagged at 40% off. With such a statement piece, everything else was kept neutral. Black suede ‘Jutti’ flats by TOMS, and a black leather clutch courtesy of Susu handbags contrast the white palette from the top. Lastly, with a slouchy cowl neckline, I tossed the hair up, and let the shoulders puff out. No necklace necessary with this neckline. For jewelry elsewhere, I finished off the outfit with some more C.Wonder goodies, wearing gold social media studs, an amber colored cocktail ring, and thin gold bangles layered with a silver and copper bracelet by Charter Club.


Go On, Try It!
To the hesitant, skeptic, and down right resistant, I hope you’ll be inspired to wear the latest crop top trend. More hacks for wearing corp tops on curvier body types are featured on The In Between Girls blog. Crop top, although I once “friggin’d” you, know that I know very much think you rock my world.

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